Monday, February 2, 2009

Rabbit Hunting

Here in MI, 39 degrees is WARM so we all took a hike out to the woods to hunt rabbits. We all wear orange so we can see each other. Those with dangerous guns (my 20 gauge and Dad's 22) stayed towards the front so we wouldn't shoot anyone. There were 9 people and one dog. We didn't get anything. :) There weren't very many fresh tracks though we did find some rabbit hair. Probably got into a run in with a fox. The snow is at least 18 inches deep and hard to walk in and I was impressed by how the little ones kept up. This is what I love about our family....we all love doing stuff outside and doing it together!
All of the hunters except me. I mean, someone had to take the picture! :)
Heading home. This is the old railroad bed. Usually this a decent place to see a rabbit or two.
Elizabeth (in the black and carrying the gun) and Jena running to catch up with the others.
Ben with my old BB gun.
Rachel and Buster.
I love this picture! I think Dad has my 20 gauge and Abigail has Dad's 22. Rachel and Ben have the BB guns.
Through the scope.....
That's me with my gun.
Ben attempting to shoot the BB gun. Hmmm, seems like the stock is a bit too long. hehe!

In Christ,


Rachel M. said...

Those are great pictures, especially the one you took through the scope. That one was neat! :) God bless!

Jenna said...

I Love the 6th picture! Awesome:) Everyone needs to know how to shoot huh? I guess I should work on that one:)!!

Love you!

Kevin Wegner said...

Rabbit hunting is always fun. I usually use a break-barrel air rifle to hunt rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, etc.
That looks like a nice shotgun you are holding. Do you use that one for Whitetail hunting as well? I use an H&R 12ga. Ultra Slug Hunter single shot, with a Marlin scope.

Bethany said...

Rachel, I love that one through the scope too! It took several tries to get one that clear but I finally got it.
Jenna, you should learn how to shoot a gun! It is really fun but make sure you wear ear protection, KWIM?
Kevin, I love hunting! I am always excited to find someone who enjoys hunting as well! :) I saw on your profile that you enjoy trapping. I want to trap so bad but don't have anyone to teach me or head me in the right direction. I know that now is the time to do it...but not quite sure how to. Anyway, I got my shotgun (it is a single shot, break-barrel) 3 years ago. I use it for Whitetail hunting but haven't gotten anything yet. Sad, I know, but I think there are too many people that hunt around our property so the deer just quit going anywhere near. I won't give up though. :) I just got the scope on it last fall. The first time I used it, it flew off and hit me in the head. I wasn't too happy but we got it fixed up and it works fine now. Our family breeds labs and I would like to buy one for myself to train to hunt. Do you use dogs to hunt?
Thanks everyone for your comments!
Your sister in Christ,

Ryan said...

Kev, you are so funny! A break-barrel air rifle, is that the one you used to kill that coon? After shooting it 19 times? :)

Bethany, no Kev doesn't use dogs, at least I don't think so. It would be interesting though, since all he has is a poodle! haha (sorry bro but that was to funny :)

OK, I'm done teasing now.(for the moment)

Actually Kevin is a great hunter and trapper. He's the one I always call while milking after a good hunt. And make all my excuses to on why I didn't get one, "It was to far" "he was running" "I got cold" and the classic "I fell asleep".

If you don't mind my asking Bethany, where do you hunt?

And great pics, That's cool all your siblings like the outdoors.


Bethany said...

I am really trying to imagine hunting with a poodle. I don't get too far. :)
I don't mind you asking questions! I enjoy talking about hunting and all that. :) We own about 4-5 acres of woods which is where I hunt. There is an old railroad bed going through it which the deer cross every day. The woods is sandwiched between our alfalfa field, a corn field, a great field to bed down in and more woods. :) If you are asking what part of the state, it is Calhoun County.
What about you? Where do you hunt, if you don't mind my asking. :)

Ryan said...

Sorry for going AWOL. Haven't been on the computer for a day or two.

I live up in Croswell and hunt right around here. I have somewhere between 250 & 300 acres that I hunt. There's a couple big fields, lot of woods, and low land that doubles as a swamp depending on the season. The cool thing is the Black River runs though here, plus a few small creeks and a pond.

Another question, what 4-H fair do you go to? I just started doing 4-H this year and I'm still trying to get on my feet. I go to the Sanilac county fair. Have you ever been to state?


Bethany said...

That sounds like excellent hunting grounds! I would be totally in my glory with that much land! Do you own the land or rent it? Do the fields have crops?

We go to the Calhoun County fair. I show goats and swine. I am actually the president of the goat club and LOVE it! I think you will enjoy it once you get the idea. It took us a few years but now it is a huge part of our life! Just wondering, what are you going to show? I was going to add a dairy starter calf this year but decided that was just a bit too much. If I add another animal I think I would like to do dairy heifers/cows.

I have never been to state but would love to go! We are thinking of possibly going this year. I am hearing rumors however that they are going to shut it down since they are putting more into it than is coming out, KWIM? Would you want to go to state?

BTW, if you start me on 4H, FFA or just showing in general you get a really good conversation going. I LOVE it! :)

In Christ,

Galloping Guitarist said...

Neat pictures Bethy!

Love ya!