Sunday, February 15, 2009

Prayer Requests

Hey everyone out there in blogworld who checks my blog! I have a few prayer requests here. As you know, our family does foster care and have a few girls here in our home for the last few weeks. It was a wonderful, tiring experience. They were supposed to have left to go live with their new legal guardians in Florida by the end of January but because of delays in "the system" the papers still have not gone through. On Friday we cooked up the idea to have some of the family drive down with them down to Florida on a "vacation" so that once the papers came through they would already there. So this morning at 5:00 Dad, Mom, Devin, Abigail, Katelin, Jena, Elizabeth, Benjamin and Myah left for sunny Florida. Rachel, Rebekah and I are staying here at Asher Acres to hold down the fort and take care of the farm. They hope to get down there tomorrow sometime and will probably not get home 'till at least Sunday. My Dad sent out an email to friends with prayer requests as well and this is what he requested.

1. Our "new" van I bought on ebay 2 weeks ago. It only has 170,000 miles on it compared to the 235,000 of our other ones but would probably benefit from some prayer.
2. Bethany to be a sweet foreman to Rachel. She is very capapble of the nuts and bolts of running everything on her own, but pray that she will let God help her.
3. Rachel to feel safe and be content with being left behind. Also that she would be a cheerful helper for Bethany.
4. Rebekah to not feel left out. She has many special needs and she needs to have adult supervision that we can trust.
5. The H****** and O***** who will be taking care of Rebekah.
6. The girls as they leave behind many sad memories of their mom and dad, foster care homes that were not good, court cases, and a lot of stress for such little souls.
7. The girls as they head off into another unknown.They know these people, but not very well.
8. Sandy and me as we are try to enjoy 20 hours of driving with 7 children, 4 of whom have little self control. Make that 5, I forgot Benjamin was coming.
9. "My" family that is going to FL. Pray that we could have a much needed time of enjoying each other.
10. Us after we are all back together in a week or so. We need to re-group and sort out what just happened to us and take these lessons and become an even better family.

And I am adding a few of my own:
11. Safe travel for my dear family.
12. Safety for us at home.
13. That we won't get too lonely. :)

If you could pray for our family, I would really appreciate it. Oh and if you want updates, Devin and Katelin will be updating their blogs as often as possible.

In Christ,


Jenna said...

Hi Bethany! I am right here praying for them, and you too!!! I will be calling you soon...maybe tomorrow night?!
Love you:)

Your friend always,

Rachel M. said...

Will be praying for you and your dear family.

Abba Father,
I just thank You that we can come before Your throne at any time of day and bring our requests to You, our Savior. Father, I pray that You will protect each one and give wisdom and understanding for each decision, as only You can. We praise You and lift You high. In His most precious and righteous Name, Amen.

God bless, dear sister. :)

Anonymous said...

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Lauren Ann