Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Is Spring Coming?

In the last 3 days 4 of the 7 or 8 bloggers that I follow who live in Michigan have written about spring. Ummm, sorry folks but it's still February! :) The 35 -60 degree weather we have had the last few days feels like spring compared to the -21 to 27 degrees we have had the last 6 weeks. So here are a few pictures I took today when we were all outside enjoying some fresh air. Note how much snow has dissapeared! :)

Abigail on Hoss and Devin and Rachel on Angel taking a ride and enjoying the warmth.
A really nice picture of our 8 month old Lab Sophie.
Sophie with Missy's kids Matteo and Mattie. Oh, forgot to tell you all. I decided on Mattea and Matteo. I'll call Mattea "Mattie".
Sweet little Mattie!
One of the babies (I think it's Mattie) with the cat.
All the babies together outside. From l-r, Matteo, Mattie, Gypsy's buck kid. :)
I think this picture is halarious! Ben looks like he weighs a ton! :) Must have been when he just landed or something!
The cows soaking in some sun!

Oh, and just as a warning....I think Nibbles might kid either tonight or tomorrow morning. We are planning to stage her delivery so we should get a good video. Hopefully it will all turn out! I'll keep you all posted!

In Christ,


Rachel M. said...

I always enjoy reading your blog, Bethany! :) Great pictures!

God bless, dear sister. :)

Jenna said...

Nibbles must be kidding right now:) Can't wait too see the pictures/video, and you in a couple more days!!!

Love you!

Bethany said...

The kids are very cute. I hope Nibbles has a safe delivery.

American Way Farm said...

Well, even though the warmer weather is just a teaser, it's still a pleasant break from the cold. We've had a nice break from winter here as well. And we didn't even have to travel on a plane to get it! Always enjoy your blog. -Sandy