Monday, August 24, 2009

Fair - Monday

Home sweet home! We're back from the fair and what a week it's been. I'm going to go through this week and update one day at a time with pictures and everything we did. I'm going to start out with Monday (since today is Monday).

We woke up early Monday morning to get showmanship animals ready, get cleaned up, eat breakfast and get to the show ring. I won my showmanship class in Senior and Abigail won hers in Intermediate. Funny side note: The judge said that Abigail had answered question better than I had (which I totally remember the question I got wrong and was kicking myself for it) so I grabbed up my ADGA (American Dairy Goat Association) handbook and started furiously reading. When we got to overall the judge started firing questions at us like crazy (we know the judge so she knew we understand showing). We kept both giving good answers so she finally asked us to give all the breakdowns of the udder. Thankfully I had gone over the scorecard and got them all right! WOOOHOOO! Abigail missed just one so that's how I pulled out the Overall Winner. Anyway, we showed all day long and won Grand Senior Doe and Grand Junior Doe as well as pretty much all the other classes we were in. We had 27 goats so it kept us busy all day. Once we were done, everyone was pretty much bushed for the day and we just relaxed. The major problem of the was rainy. Hauling goats from barn to arena through the rain is not what I consider fun, but we made it through. I'll tell ya, I was EXHAUSTED! I did give an interview though which I'll be posting the link to sometime this week.

Elizabeth and Ben in PeeWee showmanship!
Me in Senior Showmanship (far right).
Intermediate Showmanship! (Abigail, Rachel and Rebekah are all in this class)
We "helped" give the finish shave to friend's lambs.....
.....and just goofed around while relaxing. :) (btw, these are some friends)

Today I had an orthodontist appointment. They said they'll probably start the process of getting them off at the next appointment!!!! We also froze corn all day. We did half of our corn and got about 72 quarts. A good job to have done. Tomorrow.....tomatoes. We picked 2 bushels this morning. Lots to be done in the next week! :)

Till tomorrow!

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Jenna said...

Who was the judge??! I think that you did a much better job at taking pictures, than I did;)