Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Summer Fun

I meant to post this yesterday but just didn't get around to it. :) We had the "R" family over for the day on Sunday and were so glad to have them over since it had been about 13 months. It was 91* and with the humidity it had a realfeel of 101* !!! Therefore....water was the main agenda for the day.
The "R" family had a slip 'n slide that they brought along. We started with it ending in the corn patch until there was a big enough mud hole that the corn wasn't looking so happy anymore.

Then we moved to the compost pile. It made excellent mud and I mean....it was just all organic material!!!
Just makes a bunch of happy (crazy,dirty, muddy,) farm kids. :)
Then we washed up and sat inside the air conditioned house. Aren't Elizabeth and Laura so cute?

Here are a few pictures I've taken the last few days. I'm working on a photography exhibit for fair and these are either used or have been considered.
Wild grapes
Dad mowing hay
My piggly wiggly. I called him Swiney the other day. Whatever, I needed some ID for the poor guy.
The alfalfa hay before it was cut.

We are all busy getting ready for fair! I'm going to begin the shaving process tomorrow. Lots to do yet!

God Bless!


Regan Family Farm said...

Love the pictures..we had a great time!

Jenna said...

Thanks for having us Bethany, we had a blast! Have fun shaving the goats today;)

Love always,

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great day!!!

Josh said...

I had so much fun! I need to shave goats too...Great pictures :)