Monday, August 3, 2009

My Birthday!

Hey everyone! Yesterday was my 16th birthday!!!!
I woke up yesterday as normal, did chores and walked my pig. He even decided to give me a birthday present and walked nicely for me!!! YEAH!!! We had a great breakfast of a sausage and egg casserole and then headed out to the door for church. When we got home we got all of our beach stuff together and headed off to a beach (Lake Michigan) about 2 hours away for the rest of the day. We got there around 4:00 and left around 8:30. My aunt and uncle and cousins live about 5 min. away from the beach and met us there. We had lots of fun in the water (the waves were PERFECT) and had an awesome supper of brotz, chips and fruit. Ummm, it was awesome. I also got 4 hours of driving time in so that was way cool. I received 2 really neat shirts, the Fireproof soundtrack, the book Do Hard Things, and some chocolate.

Thanks to my family for the wonderful birthday! I love you all!

Abigail getting covered up in sand. ;)
Ben and cousin Sam. Aren't they so adorable?
family pic!!!
Just me! ;)
The beach.
A seagall on the beach.
Ben was ....... freezing.
ummmm, isn't the water beautiful?
A really cute sand castle.
Seagall tracks in the sand.
Children and water....awesome pictures. ;)
Beautiful sunset!

In Christ,


Jenna said...

I'm so glad that you had a fun birthday Bethany:) You got some WONDERFUL pictures!!!

Happy 16th dear friend~ I love you~


Kelsey Anne Hoppman said...

Hello Bethany!
I hope you had a wonderful birthday! How does it feel to be 16? :)
I love your swimsuit by-the-way. I have one like it but its getting to small. Where did you get yours?
God Bless you and your family.
Happy Birthday!
In His Grip,

Josh said...

Happy Birthday! It sound like you had a great day,and took some awesome pictures. I would love to get the book Do Hard Things:) Let me know what you think.


Joshua Hoppman said...

Looks like you had a great Birthday! I loved the last two pictures,they are really nice.


Rebecca said...

Oh, Happy birthday, Bethany!!! :-D I hope it was absolutely wonderful for you. :-)

Anonymous said...

I do I love fairs. But it sounds like you had a good time yourself. The beach is beautiful!!
Happy Birthday! How does it feel to be 16? Any different than being 15? lol

Maiden of Purity said...

Happy be-lated birthday! That is funny that I come across your blog today, my birthday is tomorrow(17) and I will also be going to the beach with my family. It is also Lake Michigan, it is a beautiful lake-don't you agree!!? :) It has so many different faces, and many times it has the temperment of an ocean!