Thursday, August 6, 2009

Prayer Request for Caleb!

Please pray for Caleb! Josh posted this on his blog and Jenna posted something similar:

Quick prayer request: Caleb, Grace, and Abigail went with some friends to play soccer at a park today and we just got a call from the mom saying Caleb fell on the playground and she thinks he has a serious injury in his wrist. So, within three minutes, the baby was up, everything was packed, the car was waiting and ready to go and mom, Laura, and Jenna where gone! I think we made our record for getting out of the house!

Mom is bringing Caleb to the doctor now, and I would really appreciate prayer for Caleb as his wrist is probably broken and he is in much pain. Let us lift Caleb up before the Great Physician who has the power to heal!

Meanwhile, I am here holding down the fort with Anna and Natalie and they are begging me to dress up in Civil War era hoop skirts! Shall I consent?...

UPDATE...I just got a call from Jenna, and she says: he's screaming, it's REALLY severe, start praying, and they're headed to emergency. I don't know what that means but it doesn't sound good. My dad is going to meet them.

Update #1.

After going to the emergency room this morning, the doctors determined that Caleb has broken both bones in his left forearm. At first, they were going to reset the arm and send him home this afternoon. But, half an hour ago, mom called and said that the doctors now need to do surgery to reset the arm, and he will be spending the night at the hospital, and Dad will be with him.

Poor Caleb! Jenna said that he was being such a trooper when she was there.

The family that was with Caleb when he got hurt, have been such a huge help to us. They are bringing dinner over for us and then taking Grace and Abigail to a softball game, which will be good for the girls to get their minds off Caleb for a little while. Thanks "O's"

Thank you to everyone who is praying and please continue to do so.

God Bless,



Jenna said...

Thank you for all the prayers Bethany! When I saw Caleb a few hours ago, he was VERY thankful for all the prayer...he said to tell everyone "thanks"!

Love you,

Josh said...

Thanks so much for praying and spreading the word! Caleb's doing well last time mom called.
Your Brother in Christ,