Saturday, August 29, 2009


Saturday was completely fun! I woke up, did chores, ran around looking to learn how to show a few last animals then showered and headed to the arena. We showed goats, sheep, draft horses, pleasure horses, beef steers, dairy starter, beef breeding, dairy, dogs, cavy, chickens, rabbits, miniature horses (in that order). I got a 10 (out of 10) on goats and 10 on dairy. I've never showed dairy but I've always wanted to and this confirmed it. :) My worse score was a 3, that was on miniature horses. Most of my scores were 7s and 8s. My total score was 112 but the winner was like 123. :( Oh well, I didn't really want to win anyways since otherwise I wouldn't ever to show in show of champs again. Abigail got 103, the reserve was 106 and the grand was 109 in her age division. SO close! After that was all over with I grabbed a bite to eat and then went to the general market auction to sell my project. The rest of the day was spent walking around until 5:30 when I went to help put on wristbands for the grandstand event that evening.....DEMO DERBY! I was putting on wristbands until about 8:30 (the show started at 6:30, the grandstand was full, the infield was full and all there was, was standing room only but people kept coming and coming) but I managed to catch the tailend of it. :) At 9:00 there was fireworks, an awesome display! It was a great way to end the fair week.
Showing dairy starters!
Beef steers
Draft Horses
Beef breeding
Miniature Horses
Cavy :P
Today we are headed off to a cousin's wedding. Congrats to Josh and Mary! We have a nice long 2 hour ride ahead of us, lots of nice driving time for me! :)

God bless!
P.S. This is for Mr. and Mrs. Myers :) This ride was hilarious to watch!!! :)


The Myers Family said...

This picture still makes me laugh...what fun. Thanks!

Rebecca said...

Wow! Looks like you've been really busy! :-)
I'll try to reply to your email later... right now we're busy as well. :-) But I'll probably give you a few details in the email about that. ;-) Talk to you later!