Thursday, August 27, 2009


Thursday is usually Show of Champions, but this year, it was changed to Saturday. Therefore, we had little to do on Thursday so we went home for the morning to get stuff cleaned up around the house. It was rainy anyway so we didn't really want to hang out in the camper or barns all day. :) Once we got back we just walked around and found out how to show different animals for the Show of Champs (Abigail and I were both in it this year). The girls had obstacle course later in the afternoon so that kept them busy. Unfortunately we didn't get any pictures all day so I'm just posting a few of us at random times during the week. Later that evening a few of us worked the lemonade stand then we all went to the COMBINE DERBY! Wooohooo! I've been waiting for years to be able to see that (it's always been on Show of Champions night). Because of having to work the 4H lemonade stand I didn't get to see the whole thing but the part I saw of it was awesome!!!! What fun!

Exercising Zeb!
Havin' supper at the camper.
Free milk donated to the 4Hers by the Farm Breau is a hit at the fair.
Friends!!!! :)

Today we didn't do any canning.....we cleaned instead. We are prepping for two new family members to join us on Monday so we had to get a bedroom cleaned out and get the school room cleaned up. That time of the year again!
Here is a picture if our new pony "Daisy" and I. Isn't she adorable? So far, I (the non horse lover of the family) loves her the most. ;)

'Till next time!


Angie Myers said...

You not only were part of it!! We loved you being there along side the crazy people!! :)

Angie M.

Angie Myers said... pictures of the Queen??


Angie M.

Bethany said...

Yeah, I had a blast! Thanks for inviting me! I wish I would have thought to bring my camera..... :(