Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Tuesday morning we all slept in, that is, except for Mom, Rachel and Elizabeth. They had come home the evening before to spend the night so that they could get up and get the dogs to the fairgrounds nice and early. It was a delightfully sunny day and I just mainly walked around stopping in to check on the girls showing, watching other shows and hanging with friends or watching other little kids. :) I did work a little bit with my pig as well. The girls did quite well with their dogs. They participated in Rally, Obedience and Showmanship. Rally is when you have to follow signs and do certain procedures. Obedience is similar except that the judge will tell you what to do. Showmanship is judging the handler instead of the dog. In the evening I had swine showmanship which was interesting. I didn't even go on to the second heat. Oh well, I kinda figured that would happen since there are so many really really really good swine showmen in Senior. Guess I've got lots to work on for next year. :) When showmanship was done and I had seen the final drive I rounded up our "bunch" (5 or 6 other kids) and we went to go watch the tail end of the truck pulls. We got in free so that was really cool. Didn't get to bed 'till late but it was such a fun evening.

Elizabeth and Sophie after Rally
Rachel and Buster working
Elizabeth and Sophie working!!!
Me walking my hog, practicing for showmanship.
Me in showmanship. Sorry the picture quality isn't good. It was late at night (probably 9ish) and I was not manning the camera. ;)

Truck Pulls!!!!

Today, we canned 2 bushels of tomatoes and 3/4 bushel of beans. Oh, and for a little bit of news around here, we got a new horse around here!!! Well actually she's technically a pony (POA, Pony Of America) but anyway. She is Elizabeth's pony and she just LOVES her as you can well imagine. I'll try to get some pictures of them around sometime.

God Bless!


goatmilker said...

It was a great week! I had a blast with the kids at fair this year. Can't wait to start working on next year. Your pictures were great. Love the video of the trck pull.

Anonymous said...

That looks like a lot of fun!!

Joshua said...

Sounds like a lot of fun Bethany. Glad that the first two days have been a blast. :)

In Christ,
Joshua :)

Rachel M. said...

That is pretty neat! Loved seeing the pictures and video. :D

Love and blessings in Christ,
Rachel M.

Anonymous said...

Did Rachel win anything with Buster?