Friday, February 5, 2010

Ag Issues!

As several of you may know, I am involved in FFA and have been involved in several competitions though this awesome youth organization.  This year, I was part of an AWESOME Agriculture Issues team.  Our Issue that we addressed was the Use of Antibiotics in Livestock Animals.  Some people want to ban the use of sub-therapeutic antibiotics ( antibiotics used as growth promotion, feed efficiency, or routine disease prevention ) while farmers want the ability to use these so they can be more competitive, getting their livestock to market others. 

Last night was our first competition, at district level.  We got a gold award and placed 1st!  We were all really excited at how it went and are looking forward to our next competition in 2 weeks at regionals!

The way Ag Issues works:
The team must act out a skit showing both sides of an agricultural issue.  Our skit's setting was at a county fair, two different vendors set up near each other with different view points on this issue.  A senator walks in and asks for their opinions and this begins the discussion.  I am acting as a vet, and we have a farmer as well.

This is Michigan Farm Bureau's table.  They are against the passage of this bill.  (Just FYI, the bill is in the Senate right now and if you want to check it's S-619)


This is "The Food Revolution" booth....which is for the passage of the bill.

This was us getting ready last night....

And our awesome team!  I'm on the far left and Abigail is on the far right.  

Keep your eyes open for some interesting updates to come on our Ag Issue!  :)  I might be talking about it every once in a while about it on here.

Have a great evening all!



Jenna said...

Dear Friend,
I'm so glad that you and your team won 1st place!! You all put loads of time and effort into it:)

Thank you for posting the pictures - I loved seeing them and what it was like!!

Love you much,

The Myers Family said...

What a great group of kids...I am partial to the girl second from the left. :) You all were absolutely awesome and I can't wait to watch you on the 18th!.

The Myers'~