Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hannah, Gala & Alithia

Yesterday morning I was disappointed when I woke up and found about 8 inches of snow on the ground and the majority of schools closed.  Yet it was a blessing in disguise as we had three does deliver during the day.  Thankfully it wasn't that cold out, just around 30 degrees all day.

The first doe to deliver was Hannah.  At first she wasn't pushing much so Abigail and I packed all of our schoolwork up and headed out to the barn.  We only got through about 2 pages of reading "The Red Badge of Courage" when we noticed Hannah starting to really push and getting no where.  This is about when Gala's water broke. 
I decided to go in and see what was going on in Hannah.  Good thing I did, as I was just getting tail first.  
Thankfully Hannah has a HUGE birth canal and uterus so I was able to easily push it back up in there, reposition it and pull it out breech.  That one was a buck. 
The second one Abigail pulled was a lovely doe.  That was normal position breech.  Then she pulled the last one was normal position forward and it was another doe!  Nice big triplets. 
 Right as Abigail finished pulling the last one out of Hannah, Gala started giving some nice big pushes.  She wasn't getting anywhere either so I stepped in and gave a hand.  I was only getting a head and 1 front foot but after a little searching I found another front foot.  It took all the pulling I could do and all her pushing plus her nice big birth canal to pop that big guy out.  I handed him over to Dad and pulled out the other one, another huge buck!  They look like monsters compared to the other little ones!
Around 3:30 I went to go check on Alithia since I knew she was going soon too.  She had just delivered a doe kid.  I got her all cleaned up and decided to quick pull the rest since I didn't want to drag it on any longer than I had to.  I figured she'd only have twins since though she was big, she's not very long and therefore those babies would stick out more to the sides. :)  Plus the baby wasn't exactly all that small either.  I went in, pulled another.....nice sized doe!  Got her cleaned up and went back to her stall for a last check to make sure she was done and there I found a tiny little...doe!  Cute as could be and already enjoying the world.  :)  I carried them all inside and got the share the exciting news of triplet does!  I think that's a first on our farm!
 So all in all, we had 3 does deliver and had 8 kids, 3 boys and 5 girls.  We are now at 6 does freshened and 12 kids (5 boys and 7 girls).  They are still all inside in the pool, but I think they are going out pretty soon.  Probably after their 10:00 feeding.

 Here's a video of me pulling Hannah's first kid.

Hope you enjoy!


Jenna said...

AWESOME!!! And yay for Alithia and those triplet does:)

I wish that all of ours would go soon, but they're just hangin' out lol! I think they're going to go another 2ish days...

BTW, great picture of Abigail and Hannah {smiles}

Love you my friend!

The Myers Family said...

Loved it when Abigail said, "Sweet...good thing they are flexible." You two are adorable. Happy kidding. Hope you enjoyed the snowmobile rides.


The Myers'~

Eldarwen said...

Neat! Congrats Alithia, Hannah and Gala. The kids are so cute, Bethany! =) I love baby goats.


Galloping Guitarist said...

Great to hear to about the kids! Just looking at the pictures makes me wish for calving season! LOL! But not in this weather... -12 C average. :-) It was bad enough with Dudley. :-) How are the kids doing now?
Love ya! :-)

Joshua said...

Sweet Bethany! Glad that the kids are doing well. Too bad that it is snowing over there. I wish we had snow where we live, but we don't. We have rain instead. Hope you are having a great day Bethany! Many blessings!

Your bro in the Lord,
Joshua :)

Anonymous said...

How exciting! They are so adorable.

aemi said...

You farm girls really amaze me! I don't think I'd be very good at kid pulling.
The babies are cute! :)