Saturday, February 27, 2010


Alrighty, Candie kidded with twin does yesterday ready for some pictures?  They (the babies) weren't exactly what I had in mind, but I'm actually quite happy with how they turned out.  As you may remember, Candie is an Nubian/LaMancha cross and she was bred with an Alpine.

SS:  Amy's Pride AR Heartbreaker
                   S: Alpine Valley Prestissimo
2010 Kids:
                   D: Autumn-Acres Sweet Candace
 DD:Autumn-Acres Miss Mandessia

The first doe was very Alpine looking....I'm keeping her.
The second was very Nubian looking, but her ears were only as long as an Alpines ears.
Here they are together!  The Nubian is actually really nice, but I really want to stay away from the Nubians since we are sticking with Alpines and LaManchas.
So that's pretty much the jist of it here.  Other than lots of snow, nothing else is new around here! :)  We've been getting fresh snow almost every day around here.  The snow is really wet, so it's making roads turn into ice.  Makes me love trucks more and more! 


Jenna said...

That's great! We're just waiting...and waiting...and know what I mean lol! Jazz is finally starting to pick up her labor, and Twist is simply hangin' out. Urg.

Love you girl, we'll have to chat soon:)

Katie said...

They're so cute! We don't have any animals ( besides a poodle) =P.

In Christ,