Friday, February 26, 2010


Just letting you all know....Cammy delivered a nice big single doe yesterday.  Being a 2 year old and in good condition I was displeased with her for only having a single, but what can I do?  :D  Oh well, can't do anything about it now.  Anyway, so our boy/girl ratio is doing great....8 girls and 5 boys.  We have a total of 13 kids and have had 7 does freshen (not so great ratio, lol).

SS:  CH Pearl Valley Golden Ace *B
                   S: Granted-Wishes PVA Ridiculous
2010 Kids:
                   D: The Camillia
 DD:The Asher-Acres Rose Hannah
I think Candie is going to go ready for some pictures.  These babies are going to be funky!  Their mother is a Nubian/Lamancha cross and because our Lamancha buck was out of commission when Candie was in heat....she got bred to and Alpine!  So yeah, I can't wait to see what these all look like. :D

Today is also Abigail's 15th birthday!  Gettin' old!  :D  Happy birthday girl, I love you!


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Jenna said...

Hey, we're thinking that our ratio isn't going to be that great either lol! A single for Tenn, Livvy, Vantage and probably Triumph and Shenanigans...URG! Oh well, as long as there aren't any Hermie's and all of them are healthy, I guess we're happy:)