Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Another Award post

Well, here's another award post.  I know, getting boring.  I've got a fun tag in here though. :)

Jenna over at Feminine Farmgirl has awarded me with the Sunshine Award!

The award is for those who put a little Sunshine in my day.  There are several of those blog that I see an update and I get excited!  I'm only going to choose 5.....but know that there are many blog that I enjoy following!

1. Eldarwen
2. Jenna
3. Adam
4. Amy

5. Katie

#1 Your favorite color.

My favorite color usually is green.  There are several shades of green that I like....a light green all the way to forest green.  I also really like blues too.

#2 Your favorite branch of the military.

My favorite is the Marine Corp.  They are the ones that get in there and get the job done.  Being a WW2 history lover, watching what those Marines did is amazing.  They might have all been getting plowed down, but they just get back up and go again. 

#3 What is you dream vehicle.

Honestly, I'd love a truck.  F250 Super Duty would work. :)  Oh, and I'd prefer the color red.

#4 Hats of choice if any.

I'm not a big hat person but occasionally I'll wear a camo hat....

#5  What’s the last movie you watched?

Chariots of Fire

#6 Have you ever had a pet?

Tough question.  Depends what you call pets.  I've owned my own livestock since I was 5 years old (no joke, I bought a steer and a doe kid when I was 5) and treated them like my pets.  Then of course I live on a farm and love all my babies out there....but as for cats/dogs/small animal pets....very few.

#7 What is your favorite movie or TV show character?

Dickie Jones playing Dick West on Range Rider (old TV show from the 1950s)

#8 Do you have any firearms?

Yep!  I have a 20 gauge single shot Remington shotgun. 

#9 Favorite 2 quotes?

Well, I'm not a huge quote person, but here are 2 I like. 

"You can praise the Lord by peeling a spud if you peel it to perfection." (Chariot's of Fire)

"We'll praise Him when we win, and we'll praise Him when we lose." (Facing the Giants)

#10 Have you had a MRE?

I've never had one.  I'd love to try it and see how our armed forces are faring.  :)

 If you want to do this tag....please do it!



Adam said...

Thank you Miss Bethany
for this award :)

:)Ever so much!!! (:

Yaaa my sister likes him Dickie Jones to, I think she like the Range Rider more though. (:

Signed a Brother in the Lord

Eldarwen said...

Thanks so much, Bethany! =D I love this award!


Jenna said...

hehe, funny that two friends like the exact same truck lol!! I think that instead of red, I like the stone metal color...however, if somebody offered me an F250 Super Duty, I'd take any color!!! They are totally awesome.

Love you girl and hope you had a great day!!