Sunday, February 7, 2010

Award and Puppies!

Two things today:

#1. Jenna over @ Where the Heart Remains has awarded me with the Encouraging Blog Award!  Thank you so much Jenna!  I have really enjoyed following Jenna's blog and she is such a sweet girl and has an amazing eye for photography! 

I think all of my followers deserve this I'm going to give it to the first 4 people who comment on this post!

#2.  I took a video of our puppies yesterday.  They are 4 weeks old now and just starting to really come alive.  Check it out!

God Bless!


Adam said...

You said that there LAB puppies right? Ther Sooooooooooo CUTE.

Living4Jesus said...

Awww, they are all so adorable!!! That one puppy climbing up the pool "slide" was so cute. :) I love how they are so fat and floppy. :D Makes me want another puppy.


Jenna said...

Hi Dear Friend!
You don't need to give me the award because I already have it, but I just wanted to say that 1. you deserve that award!! and 2. The puppies are super cute - my goodness! When they start getting all active and playful, I think that's the best:) And I love the labs ears:D

TTYS - Love your friend,

Eldarwen said...

Oh, I want one of these puppies, too! lol =D I think the one climbing up the slide is adorable! But I love 'em all! ;)