Friday, February 19, 2010

Regionals and Dixie!

Two things for a post this morning :)

First of all, our FFA Regional competition was yesterday.  It didn't go nearly as well as we had hoped.  The presentation went quite well, questions went pretty well and so we figured we'd do pretty good.  We'd been getting reports that there were a few really really good teams but some not so great at all (like as in, they didn't have it memorized, etc.) so we were accepting the fact that we wouldn't make it to state but still were hoping for gold since it had gone pretty well.  We got up there at recieved LAST place.  I was rather upset.  The judges had made me kinda upset in the first place not seeming to be interested in the least and hardly asking us any questions.  The questions were rather random and few of them were related to questions we'd recieved before (so in other words, hardly having anything to do with the topic) so it was rather frustrating.  I tell ya, when I've put this much work into something like that, I would at least like to see some interest in it from the judges.  KWIM?  Anyway, I would really like to know what they thought was so horrible since none of what they said on their comment cards made sense.  For example, they said we didn't show enough data.  Seriously?  We have so much data and facts on there that we were afraid there was too much.  Grrr....anyway.  I don't really know what happened there.  Very disappointing.  Anyway, after all that ranting....I'll say, I'm proud of my team and am going to miss working with them all!  You are all awesome!!!!

Second, Dixie kidded yesterday with a huge buck kid!  I was just about ready to leave for the careers center when Elizabeth came in saying she had about a foot of mucous.  So, Abigail headed out and took care of everything.  She called me about 20 min. later, "the head is huge, and all I can get a hold on is the feet."  I told her to make sure it was positioned correctly and just pull.  He was a monster.  :)  Great lookin' guy though, so we're thinking about selling him as a buck. 

His pedigree:

SS: Amy's Pride AR Heartbreaker
                   S: Alpine Valley Prestissimo
2010 Kid:
                   D:Golden Rule My Dixie Darling
 DD:Autumn-Acres T Gatlin 2*M

Sorry there are no pictures, maybe I'll be able to get some more up soon.



Jenna said...

You worked hard on the skit and rest assured that you put all of your effort into it!!

Congrats on Dixie - hope to see a picture of that big boy soon:)

Love ya,

Jenna said...

Yea! I can't wait to see pictures of the buck! :)

Your Sister In Christ,

Galloping Guitarist said...

Just stopping bye to say hi. I'm saving your pages to read later. :-) Love ya girl! Lydia

Aaron Thomae said...

I really enjoyed reading your blog, please read mine and let me know what you think!

Keep up the good work!