Monday, February 15, 2010

Honey Kidded!

Well the first kid of the year is on the ground!  Coming totally unexpected because of a mix-up in breeding dates (all thanks to the mother Honey) this little lady was a wonderful surprise!  She looks to have some wonderful traits in her (she's wide as a boat!) and just as healthy has can be.  BTW, since she came as a surprise, we totally missed the birth, so no amazing videos this time around.  Give us a few days and I bet you'll be seeing some.  We've got a bunch due within the next couple weeks!

The puppies have been moved outside and the pool is the perfect place for little Miss No Current Name.  
 Just cute as a button!



Jenna said...

Yay for Honey! I love the Chamoisee color - maybe I'll get some color with my does?!!
Better yet, I love how WIDE you say she is:) I look forward to see what they all have, yours and mine:)

Anyways, can't wait for some videos to start rolling in!!!

Love you,

Jenna said...

I forgot to mention - she must be a natural show goat, already setting up for you??!

Love you!

shelby said...

haha, very cute!


Jenna said...

Absolutely adorable, Bethany! :)

Your Sister In Christ,

Eldarwen said...

Oh, she's precious! =) I want one! lol =D


Living4Jesus said...

Awww...she's adorable!! It looks like she's smiling in that last picture. :D

clara said...