Thursday, November 26, 2009

5 Senses (13)

I'm Thankful for my 5 Senses

Sight, Hearing, Taste, Touch and Smell....5 senses that I was born with at birth and take for-granted every day. 

Eyes: I have green/blue eyes.  When I was about 11 or 12 I got glasses, but now I'm looking into getting contacts.  We'll see.  :)  I use my eyes constantly (except for when I'm sleeping) and am so thankful for them!

Ears: I won't give a description on those, other than the fact I have selective acute hearing.  :D  Like out in the woods, I can hear squirrels 150 yards away,  but at home when everyone is talking at once, I can't hear any of them.  I'm so thankful that both ears work very well though.  Never had any problems with either one.

Tongue (taste-buds) - Wow, without taste-buds, what good would all the food we are preparing for today be?  I don't know, but I sure know I'm awfully thankful for each and every one of those little spots on my tongue. 

Hands: Ok, hands can be used for so many things!  From physical labor to holding a pencil and writing an essay, hands can be such a blessing!  A mother's hand on a hot child's brow, a father's hand guiding his children. 

Smell: Wooohooo!  I love this one!  I love the smell of cookies baking or supper cooking.  I love the smell of the outdoors or steaks on the charcoal grill.  Yeppers, it's sure something to be thankful for!



Jenna said...

Great thing to be thankful for! Yup, I've got my eyes, ears, tongue, hands and favorite as well:)

I take it for granted that I've got all these things...I'm blessed!

Love you!!

Eldarwen Failariel said...

I like that pic you used for your post! Goes great with it! :) I think my fav sense is... hearing. :)