Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pictureless Farm News

Now that we have our new blog (Beyond the Cover) well underway, I've got a moment to let  you all know how everything's going here on the farm. 

I apoligize for the lack of pictures lately but I'm hoping that today I'll be able to get a few.  Today our class is going to be heading off to our State Broiler Contest for FFA!!  While I've never attended this contest (and we're all looking forward to it being done) it should be a neat experience.  Our team of 8 has been raising 25 meat birds for 6 weeks and we are going to be butchering the 4 best today.  While the Careers Center won state last year, I'm not really crossing my fingers.  But then, I really don't know much about birds.....:P

An update on little Millie, she's back home after a 3 day stay at the vet.  We've got her on a pretty restricted diet plus some medication.  She seems to be doing quite well, thank you Lord!  That vet bill was a pretty penny (though I still though it wasn't bad for a 3 days stay) but we've still got our little Millie. 

Oh, so I went to the doctor yesterday to get my shoulder checked out (some of you may not know, it's been bothering me for some time.  We aren't really sure what's up with it.  When mom called to get the appointment at like 8:30 a.m (as soon as they open for calls) she was 16th in line.  Our appointment was at 10:15 so I'd have plenty of time to be seen and get to school.  When we got there, there were tons of people there, even spilling out into the hallways.  I was like "you have got to be kidding me".  Then I started noticing that most of the kids looked healthy but where all about under 2.  And several of the mothers were....pregnant!  It dawned on me, ahh, H1N1 flu shots.  So anyway we sit, and sit, and sit, etc, etc, etc.  Ummmm, 11:30 comes around and I still haven't been seen and I'm like, we HAVE to get to school, so we just headed out.  There was another lady and her daughter who had been there for their appointment at 9:30.  That is 2 hours.  It was a madhouse.  I think my shoulder is going to have to wait until this madness is over.   :D  Oh and btw, there were sick kids there, so I was certainly putting my immunity to the test.   ;D

Well, I'll try to get some pictures and let you know how it goes.  We won't have the results of how we placed until next week but at least it will be more interesting than pictureless posts.  :)

Have a wonderful, blessed day!


Jenna said...

A broiler contest! Should be interesting though a goat/hog or steer show sounds a little better:)
I understand those "pretty penny" vet bills...we just got one in the mail yesterday. Glad that she's doing alright.

Love you!

The Myers Family said...

Trust me...we had no idea what exactly we were doing when the kids took chickens and ducks to the fair. Sure we raised them for ourselves, but for competition...who knew.

The first year Erik's were held back but not chosen for Grand or Reserve. The second year nothing...some cats had some shish-kabob's(sp), so all of ours were scared and scrawny. The next year again with the cornish hens, and ducks for Katie that year, we won Grand Champion with both. So what you see and what the judge sees may be the difference.

Have fun today, and good luck getting into the doctor. This stuff has to clear up soon.

Have a great day Miss B.

The Myers' Clan

Emily said...

Yikes! Sounds like a pretty crazy experience at the Dr. I hope that you can figure out what's wrong with your shoulder. One of our friends is with the army and his specialty is like with things like germ warfare, and poisons and stuff like that. Anyway, he said this year if you "get the flu", it's H1N1...I found that interesting. So you guys probably already had it at your house...