Friday, November 6, 2009

Poultry Contest!

 Hey all!  I have a picture update on how our poultry contest went.  We arrived @ the center early (7:45 a.m.) to pick out our chickens and were on the road by 8:30.  After a 2 hour long bus ride, we arrived in Fowlerville and were brought through the whole process.  We had to gut our own chickens (no problem for me, I've done that since I was probably 4) so the two girls on our team (me and another girl) rolled up our sleaves to get in there and "git 'er done".  We had three chickens and needed a third person but COULD NOT get any of those 5 boys to come and do it.  Blah.  The guy finally made one of them do it, but good grief, how hard is it?  Our team did ok (we had the heaviest weight of the BACC, though the individual bird numbers were low), then we hopped back on the bus for the 2 hour long ride back.  We arrived back just in time to be released though I stayed after and cleaned my hog pen.  I really should have gotten a picture of him, sorry I totally forgot about it!
Ahhh, bus rides are so exciting!  NOT!

Hanging.....Killing.....Bleeding out.......Dipping in hot water

The awesome plucker.  It was a nice one, cleaned up the birds really really well.

The finished product.  We got to take a couple home.  They'll make that 4 hours of driving worth while.  :)

Well, that's just a few pictures!  Hope that'll make everyone feel better (I know it makes me feel better!)

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The Myers Family said...

Didn't know they judged hanging. Interesting, never knew that. You are like Katie, she would have dug right in like nothing. She also has been doing it before she could hardly walk. Glad your day was good.

Take care~

The Myers'

Jenna said...

Looks like you got to do the butchering in a nice facility:) And that's funny that the boys didn't want to do it hehe! Go farmgirls:)

Love you~

Josh said...

Awesome! When we butchered our chickens, I had a blast! It's sorta fun isn't it?!

In Christ,

Eldarwen Failariel said...

Interesting... :) We're raising chickens to butcher, also. I can't wait!

Thanks for following my blog, Bethany! :D

I will follow yours, too.

~Eldarwen Failariel~