Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lottsa News :)

I am going to participate in this 14 day Thankfulness series!  If you want to will be a great way to thank your wonderful Lord!

As for other news, I got to the doctor yesterday.  They have me on a medication to see if it's just inflammation.  I got back in 2 weeks if it's still hurting and will have to go in for an MRI most likely. 

Another great woooohoooooo!  I should be getting my license today!  Yaaaayyy!

And one more thing....a prayer request for my dear friends' mother:  She has been having some severe back pain and they have requested prayer for her.  If you could join me,  they would be very thankful.

God bless dear ones!


Jenna said...

Hey Bethany,
I am going to be doing the 14 days of Thankfulness as well! How neat!

I'm glad that you got into the Dr. and I'm praying for your shoulder.

Now that you've (almost) got your license, you can come visit me, right?!!!

Thank you so much for praying for mom...she didn't hardly sleep last night and is still bad this morning. We are thankful!!

Love you and I'll plan on being on tomorrow a.m.:)

Your friend,

Josh said...

I'm still praying and considering the 14 days of Thankfulness.

Yay about the license! Can't wait to get mine!
I hope the inflammation meds. do the trick for you...

And thanks for the prayer request for mom. We all appreciate it alot..

Talk to you tomorrow,
In Christ,