Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Cross (14)

I'm Thankful for Jesus Dying for Us

The last few days we've been going around the table and saying something we're thankful for.  Almost every time, one of the little ones will say "I'm thankful for Jesus dying for us".  So simply said but how powerful!  I also want to add....I'm thankful for Jesus raising for us!  Dying is one thing, but He rose again so that we may live!  Praise to Him!  Thank you Jesus!  Here is a poem I thought summed it up pretty well:

Thank-You for the Cross

Thank-you for the cross dear Lord,
For the sacrifice You made.
For giving up Your life for me,
Such love You have displayed.
No one else would ever die,
So my heart could be free.
I’m overwhelmed and filled with love,
At what You did for me.

Thank-you for the cross dear Lord,
For the price that you did pay.
Tears stream down my face again,
And I bow my head and pray.
The thought of You up on that cross,
Just makes me want to say.
Thank-you Jesus for the cross,
I’ll thank You every day.

Thank-you for the cross dear Lord,
For dying just for me.
For all the pain You suffered,
While nailed upon that tree.
And for all the pain You felt,
When You felt hell’s fire.
Praising You and thanking You,
Is my heart’s desire.

Thank-you Jesus for Your love,
It warms and fills my heart.
I know because of what You did,
We’ll never be apart.
Because You died I’ll never die,
You paid the price for me.
Thank-you for the cross dear Lord,
You’re love has set me free.
                                                     ~Nancy Burr

Well, this concludes our 14 days of Thankfullness posts!   Let's not forget to be thankful however, for the all the wonderful things that our Awesome God has given to us. 

In Christ,


Jenna said...

A simple yet wonderful thing to be thankful for! Praise Jesus that HE ROSE AGAIN, for us.

The poem is beautiful, Bethany! I don't know how you always find such meaningful messages in them?!

Thanks for sharing -
a Happy Thanksgiving to you...see you this afternoon/evening:)


Rachel M. said...

Amen and amen, forever and ever. :)
for JESUS!

Happy Thanksgiving, Bethany!
Love in Him,

Anonymous said...

Amazing posts! I love reading your posts! Whenever I can get onto the computer its always on my top ten must visit blog lists! :) :)

Many blessings,
~Be sure to check out the giveaway on my blog~

The Myers Family said...

Your posts leave a person thinking you are alot older than you are. Your insight and connection to the Word amazes me. It is really a joy to call you friend.

Thanks you!