Friday, November 13, 2009

license...potatoes....freedom (1)

Good morning everyone! :)
First things first, I am now a level 2 licensed driver!  I'm pretty excited, and so thankful to have segment 1, 50 hours of drive time, segment 2, skills test, road test and 2 written state tests(1 for segment 1, 1 for segment 2) all behind me.  It's a great feeling.

Second things second :).......I just thought I'd let you know what the potato picture is up on top of this post is for.  Our ag class is going to go dig potatoes from a field today!  The owner of the field is donating as many as we can dig to the food pantry.  I'm always rather amazed at how generous the kids in this class are, from donating all their pocket change (gathering $100 in one day) to a girl with leukemia, to gathering potatoes for the food pantry, it's pretty awesome.

And last but not least, my 1st thing I am thankful for!  I am thankful for our country's freedom of religion.  I just hope and pray that it will remain in our constitution and that we will always hold on to that freedom.

Have a wonderful wonderful day and God's blessings to you all!


Jenna said...

Congrats on your level 2 license! I'm looking forward to mine, then I can help mom even more:):)

That is so cool that the potatoes will be donated to your local food pantry!! How neat that your class is so generous:) Have fun digging potatoes!

Oh, our country's freedom is so often taken for granted isn't it? I'm very thankful for our freedom to believe in Jesus without being persecuted (where we live). Praise God!

Have a good day, Bethany!

Eldarwen Failariel said...

Congratulations, Bethany!

Yum, I L-O-V-E potatoes! :) That's so sweet! Well, I pray you have a blessed day digging up potatoes.

In Christ's Love,