Monday, November 2, 2009


Check out my interview with Maggie @ Behind the Teen Scene!  Thanks Maggie, I really enjoyed it. 



Josh said...

I'll head right over! How fun=)
Write to you later,

Lori said...

I like the the songs you picked...and got a kick out of all of your "ag", farm" and "farm" but of course that is SOOO YOU!!!!

love you,


Hannah said...

That's where I just found you!
I'm a Michigan farm girl too...nice to meet you!
I'm going to have to look at your blog some more when I'm not so sleepy!

Jenna said...

Hey Bethany!
I just read the interview - it's great:) Don't worry, I never tire of the birthing videos lol!! I love your blog dear friend:)