Saturday, November 21, 2009

FFA & 4H (8)

I'm Thankful for FFA & 4H

FFA and 4H have helped form me into the person I am.  Before I joined 4H (that came first), I was shy, timid and really quite afraid to talk in front of groups of people.  Being on the officer team of our goat club really helped me get over that.  When I joined FFA, giving a speech in front of judges, really helped me expand.  I've since discovered my love for speaking in front of groups.  Then when livestock judging came around, I was able to learn so much about livestock!  My showmanship skills will even be helped because of it.  I learned so much, and all because of 4H and FFA.  Now my advisers are helping me discover my leadership skills and how best to put them to use.  This isn't even including all the awesome people I've met because of it.  FFA and 4H have been a huge, wonderful part of my life.


Jenna said...

Great one to be thankful for! I would like to find a 4-H group that does more than meet once or twice to get papers ready KWIM? And maybe I can join FFA??! I would love to, but I'll have to pray about it:)

Oh, I'm still *nervous* about getting up in front of people...

Love you!!

The Myers Family said...

We are thankful at times for 4-H too. You all seem to have a great time in goat club. Much more than horse club or beef club. We also are thankful for 4-H cause we were able to meet you all!

The Myers Crew~

Chuck said...

I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed checking out your blog and I pray that my children long to follow after God the way you do. I found your blog via Lisa's blog.